Saturday, February 16, 2013

A long overdue catchup ...

Life has certainly been busy over the last few months. In between continued rehabilitation on my shoulder and daily life, most of our time has been spent watching the boys chase the think black line up and down the pool each day.  The school holidays have been and gone, and now we are very quickly getting ourselves back into a routine.
Scrapping has taken a backseat to work, sport and family life of late. While I managed to create a few pages during the holidays, what little mojo I had disappeared as soon work started back. I am hoping that once things start to settle down, I might be able to get some more 'me' time. 
Layout 1: 'Time to Decorate' is the only layout I have made about our 2012 Christmas. I have got quite a few pictures so I must try and get some more done.
Layout 2: 'Dalby Dolphins' is another layout from Mitchell's adventures at the State Relay Swimming Titles last December.  This is a picture of his relay team - please excuse the 'whited-out' faces.
Layout 3: 'Grow' using a photo of Lachlan during last year's wheat harvest.  Since taking this photo, I have dug it out of the album and altered the sub-title (inside the Polaroid frame) so that each word is on its own line. Just felt it was wrong the way I did it originally. 
Layout 4: '& They have made us a family' is based on a sketch and challenge from Shimelle Laine's blog. I love big pictures but always struggle to scrap them. Not 'in love' with this layout but I do love these pictures (and yes, you are right - I have scrapped them many times already lol) 
So there you have it, my pathetic (as in total, not necessarily layouts but I will let you be the judge of that) offerings for 2013.  I really must find a better work-life-family balance.
Thanks for stopping by.
S xoxoxox