Sunday, March 29, 2009

Farewell to another weekend

Yet another week has passed and again, I find myself wondering where on earth the week got to. It is hard to believe we are just days away from April which means three big things in our household - 1) a hopping visit from the bunny rabbit [which hopefully includes a hopping visit from H-er and family], 2) my mum's birthday and last but by no means least number 3) our wedding anniversary - 10 years this year. OMG cannot believe it has been almost 10 years but I will leave that until the big day. Lol have to think of reasons to keep getting you to come and visit - who knows, maybe I might even scan a pic or two from the day :o
Had a very quiet weekend - feeling heaps better and think I am all over the vege bug (as Lachlan calls gastro). We took the boys into the Toowoomba Show yesterday - should have gone Friday but with me being sick it would have just been the boys and daddy. They had a great time so that is all that matters.
Finally got around to taking pics of the third LO I did on Friday - the LO was a challenge set by my beautiful, gorgeous, talented friend Beck and this is what I came up with:
Spent some of the day working on this - in between washing, refereeing fights and doing taxi runs up to the tractor:
Somehow I think that I am going to have no end of trouble trying to convince this boy to do anything apart from farming. He really is his father's son in that respect - can tell you everything that is going on around the farm, knows the names for most of the implements and even can point out what machinery has GPS and which ones don't - and that is all without even going inside them lol. Oh well, there could be worse things in life for him to do.
Anyway, promised the three men a roast for dinner so I had best go finish it off. Until next time,
mwah mwah
me xoxoxo

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bitten by the gastro bug

Yep you read right - I have had some sort of virus thing happening here the last two days. Not sure whether it was all the mud I swallowed doing the Kokoda Track on camp (see post below for pics) or if I have finally succumbed to the virus that has been hanging around town for a while but yeah either way, it ain't pleasant.

I came home from work early yesterday and brought the boys with me because I wasn't sure if i would be capable of driving later in the day or if Tony would be home to pick them up for me. Lucky for me the boys were brilliant little men for their mummy. I put a movie on, gave them lunch and promptly fell asleep for the next few hours (I know - my bad) and they just left me be. When I finally woke up, it was to sceams, squeals and giggles and the sound of feet in water. I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves:
Yep they are farm boys alright - they have no shame and think nothing of stripping off for all the world to see and just getting down and dirty in the mud. They were having such a great time and made a point of letting me rest - I just didn't have the heart to get mad at them for messing up the lawn. Hehe but I did get my revenge when I hosed them off before coming inside - gotta love that cold water hehehehe.
Today I was still feeling a bit under the weather so I took the boys into school and daycare and came home for a nice peaceful and relaxing day. I was over the whole being in bed thing so I decided to have a go at scrapping. Here are two of the efforts from today, the third is still waiting for a decent pic but that will have to wait until tomorrow:
In this LO, I have used the new dotty Bazzill and Fancy Pants Rubons. Must say I am liking it a lot - love running my fingers over it - such a great texture. I am somewhat disappointed in my American Crafts Thickers though - the reverse side of the sheet was a totally different shade to the front side - hence the two colours - not a happy camper and still waiting for a reply to my email about this.
For this next LO, I was inspired by something I have had saved in my inspiration folder for ages and ages. Seemed like this pic of Mitch in the header earlier in the month was just perfect:
Not sure if I will be back tomorrow with a pic of the third LO - supposed to be attending a memorial service for a student from my Yr 12 English class last year who was killed in a car crash last Friday afternoon and then Tony wants to take the boys into the Toowoomba Show for a look.
RIP Kathryn
Enjoy the rest of your weekend
love me xoxoxo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enjoying the last of the heat

Don't you just love those final days of summer (even though autumn has already started) when it is still hot enough to do things like swim and jump in the pool???
I know it is now Tuesday night but I just had to post these pics I took of the boys on Sunday afternoon. They just love love love swimming in the pool - mind you, so do I. I have always wanted a pool and while this one might not be the pool of my choice, it is better than nothing.

How cute are these two boys - lol and nope I am not biased am I? hehehehe

We won't get too many more afternoons like this so we have to remember to enjoy it while it lasts.
Hope everyone and everything in your world is going ok at the moment. I haven't got any scrapping to show - aim to get some done later in the week if I ever get on top of this pile of marking. How long until holidays??? lol
Okes everyone, have a great evening, take care.
Until next time
mwah mwah
me xoxox

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Show and tell

To top off a fanastic week, I managed to stay awake long enough to go scrapping last night. As always, I was slow to get started and those of you who have ever seen me scrap know that I am a sloooooooooooooooooooooow scrapper - very indecisive, total procrastinator and will pull out every piece of paper I own, only to put it all away again.
Despite all that I managed to get two LO's done - one was a lift of a LO done by Nicole Pomeroy ( that I saw on her blog a few weeks ago. I have had the Heidi Swapp clock overlay for months and months and have always been stumped with how to scrap it but as soon as I saw what Nicole had done I knew that that was the look I was after.

And to finish the night off, I did this LO - very simple and rather plain but I have to say that I do like it a lot - lol nothing like scrapping easter pics from 2008 just weeks before easter 2009 knocks on our door hehehehe

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm totally love love love love loving all things THICKERS atm - lol as if you couldn't already tell from the LO's I have posted over the last few weeks hehehehehe

Check later 'gaitors

me xoxo

She went, she saw, she CONQUERED

I am on such a high at the moment - well as much of a high as you can be on with very little sleep between Wendesday and right now - and OMG the last few days have been absolutely brilliant - THE BEST.

Why you ask??? Well take 88 eager Grade 8's, 5 keen teachers and just add mud, water, heights, depth and darkness and you have camp - yep I took about 2/3 of my little cherubs away for their camp and it was awesome.

I have been to this camp once before - back in 2004 or something like that and loved it but still walked away going gee I wish I did that and I wish i had the guts to do that. So this time, I set myself a challenge which was NOT to come home saying those exact same words again and guess what - I didn't, I haven't and I won't because I did EVERYTHING I set out to do and man, it feels great. So what did it all involve you ask - well I will let the pictures speak for themselves:

A reinactment of the Vietcong Tunnels from the Vietnam War - very deep, very narrow, almost no fresh air (except for this section of the tunnels) but an amazing thing to have done. Too scared of getting stuck the first time I went to camp and this time I thought to myself stuff it, get in there and have a go and OMG I am so glad I did - more than worth all the grazes, bruises, aches and pains.
Bridge over the Riverf Kwai - another one of the challenges I didn't/wouldn't do last time because I was too hung up about my size. Basically the idea of this challenge is for two people on opposites sides of the bridge to cross over to the other side.
The easiest way to cross over is for one person to lie down and let the other person step over them. Considering I was up for a challenge, the instructor told my partner and I to 'cross over' standing up - no mean feat given the wind and the 'wobbliness' of the bridge. I almost fell in a few times but managed to balance myself again - not sure how but I did lol.
Yay she made it to the other side. (On a side note - OMG how disgusting do I look - I know that I am large but OMG seeing these pictures just highlights it even more. Definitely time to get even more serious about changing this situation.)
The Kokoda Track - very tough challenge, physically and mentally and a lot of having to get over my size issues and just get on with the job at hand. This mock-up is about 50m long and it was very tough going so I am amazed and bewildered at the strength and tenacity of our WW2 diggers and all they had to go through in PNG to defend us from the threat of the Japanese Imperial Army.
Warning - do not stand up because you will sink - no matter how big or small you are. Best way to make your way through the mud? Crawl/dog paddle type actions, minus any kicking - I swear I must have swallowed about 3 or 4 huge mouthfuls of this mud during my Kokoda adventure.
Alpha Company - the most awesome group of students who did my proud.
Yep I will admit, I was like a very proud mummy with my little campers- tears spilled over more than once during our two day adventure. How did I ever get to be so lucky to be able to work with such a great group of students???
Also have some scrapping to showntell but will put that in another post.
Love you, mwah
Me xoxoxo

Sunday, March 15, 2009

She's Back ... did you miss her??? hehehe

Yep I finally made it out from under the piles and piles and piles of paperwork that has been sitting both on my desk at home and at work long enough to do some scrapping last weekend. I know it was a week ago but I seriously did not have any daylight time to take decent pics [lol and even with daylight this morning, I STILL didn't take decent pics :-o]

But nevertheless this is what I have been inspired to create of late - some I love, others are blah and the jury is still out but you get that. On the bright side, it is more layouts done and in the albums - well on the wall for a while so I can enjoy them.

First LO is of DS2 - a lift inspired by beastie Beck, and must say, it is probably my fave LO atm:

Totally loving chipboard birds atm - I scored these ones from Beck's LSS when H-er (hehe couldn't resist, you know who you are) and I were down visiting Beck back in January. Didn't think I would ever join the bird craze but it finally got me and have to say, love them!!

In this next LO I have used the Heidi Swapp (love love love all things HS) heart and whispy masks that were part of the kit that we were given at the Create '08 workshop. Used some Distress inks to do the heart and whispies (flourishes). Still not totalyl happy with this LO - needs something else - anyone got any ideas???

Oh yeah, for those of you who can't figure it out - the title is 'A Little Birdie told me this could be Love' - just thought the chippy bird and heart were a nice play-on-words so to speak.

And finally a double - first double in a long time. I was inspired by a LO in Creating Keepsakes Magazine Aug 2008 edition with this LO. Definitely not happy with this - needs another colour or something but it will do for now - will just leave it on the wall and hopefully something will come to me one day soon:

Note to self - figure out what you are doing wrong with Photoshop you dofus so you don't have the verandah floor boards or your cruddy, desperately-in-need-of-more-nail-polish toes on public display. Anyone got any tips for what I am doing wrong - for some reason I cannot get Photoshop (v7) to crop my pics without having huge edges hanging off them. So over PS at the moment.

Ok have the in-laws visiting today, better not hide in here for too long or else they will have something else to complain about.

Hope you all have a great day and enjoy what is left of your weekend.

Love me xoxoxoxoxoxo