Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Pool Fun

What do little fish love better than a swim in the pool??? A huge inflatable jungle-gym thing, that's what!!
As a special end of season treat, the boys' swim coach and pool leassor, invited the kids from swim lessons in to road test her new inflatable toy. Needless to say it was a hit. Mitch managed to make it through the whole obstacle course once but Lachie wasn't able to - that was probably because it was more fun to bounce on it and then jump off into the pool. Took a truckload of pics but here are some just to give you an idea.
This was Mitchell finally managing to get through the entire course lol:

Lachie's attempt (how cute is this kid??!!):
No scrapping from me this weekend, although I did some during the week - will have to post them in the next day or so. End of term is finally approaching - 4 days of madness left until I go on long service leave for Term Two - first big break I have had except for maternity leave. Hope to get lots of shopping done.
Have a great week everyone,
Me xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Some blasts from the past

Last weekend was spent in a marking and scrapping frenzy. Knowing that I am taking Long Service Leave for Term Two, I am determined to leave no job left undone so last weekend was all about tying up the lose ends. In the past three weeks I have marked more than 75 short stories (yep more than 75) - oh the joys of having three lots of English classes all doing similar units at exactly the same time!! I finally got them finished on Saturday after two weeks of torture lol.
So what was the reward for all that hard (mind-numbing at times) work??? SCRAPPING. Tsk tsk, need you ask???!!!
After successfully completing the marking, I set myself a new challenge - to scrap a picture that has been sitting in my photo box for 5 years. I have lost count of how many times I have pulled the photo out, only to put it away again (well duh obviously coz it was still unscrapped). The background was always my stumbling block so I cut it back (was originally 8x10) to get rid of as much of the distraction as possible. This is the result, and have to say I like it:

Layout number two was another series of photos that have been tucked away, admitedly not as long as the previous one - only three years. Have scrapped the picture of both boys together a few times (mainly because so many came with the set I ordered) but have never taken this approach with it - a reflective type LO:

Then it was onto Lachie's Daycare group photos from last year. Not loving this but oh well, can't win them all I guess:

Next was another LO of Lachie using another one of my favourites from our family photo day last October:

And finally, this is my attempt at the latest sketch from Inspired Blueprints. Didn't stick to the sketch very well though:

Not a bad weekend's effort I don't think, even if I do say myself lol. Everyone is counting down the days until holidays - only 6 days of school left (or 24 lessons), not that I am counting (much hehehehehe). So much still to do so I had better get to it.
Thanks for visiting.
Sarah xoxoxo

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekly Roundup

Another busy week has finished and as I sit here typing this, I am wondering exactly where it went - it passed by in a blur of red pen (marking), sloppy hugs and kisses (after swimming lessons) and lots of hip hip horrays (two family birthdays).
I have hit that time of term where marking is pouring in every day. I was a good girl though and got stuck right into the first lot and marked it all in two nights. I had a lull again until Friday when two more lots came in but have been naughty over the weekend and haven't done any of it. I feel a lot of late nights on the cards this week. Saturday started with an early trip to town to see if cricket was on - last week's break up was cancelled due to all the rains and minor flooding in the area - but alas, it was called off. After a massive grocery shop, it was home for sleeps for two cranky boys and one very cranky mummy. After a really good sleep (probably the best one all week) it was off to scrap at my LSS. Then today was spent in Toowoomba with my mum, dad, sister and her partner and his family to celebrate my dad's and patch's (by 'bil') mother's birthdays which were Thursday and Friday.
Scrapping wise, this is what I have managed to come up with this week. The first two are based on Sketch 43 from Inspired Blueprints and the other is just a typical 'me' LO - well that is what it looks like to me lol. Totally loving the first LO - I did it for a very special friend - can you guess who??!! Loved scrapping in pinks and girly colours but still managed to make it less girly with a bit of 'roughing' up lol. Gotta love my Heidi Swapp distresser.
And because I liked the sketch so much, I just HAD to play with it again lol.

Ok I think that is the roundup for now. Only three more weeks until Term One is finished and then woooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooo Long Service Leave for all of Term Two - I hope there is lots of scrapping done then lol.
Til next time
Me xoxoxo

Monday, March 8, 2010

One update closer to 100 posts

I didn't realise how many posts I had written on here until just now. Wow 92 entries of blabberings from me.
Not a lot to report from here - had a fantastic weekend. My sister and brother-in-law came for a visit to see Mitch play his final game of cricket for the season. Unfortunately, with all the wet weather last week, their game was cancelled. Not to worry, we all ventured down to the Coffee Club for a late brunch - delish, delish, delish.
The rest of the weekend was spent doing lots of talking, laughing and joking. I have to let you in on a little secret - after 1o years, I love love love having a brother-in-law who is awesome, fantastic and an all-around good guy. I am so glad my sister has someone like him in her life. After they left yesterday afternoon, I started working on a layout which I managed to finish late last night. It's very basic and is a lift of something I found on 2peas but as soon as I saw it, I knew it would have to have a home in the family album:

And next a few pictures, just because LOL. I went into my bedroom at about 10.30 last night to grab something and found this, Mitch sound asleep, fully dressed for school (bar the shoes of course). And yes, he does sleep like that - quite often too. Could not resist taking these pictures of him. Talking about being super-organised for the day ahead hehehehe

Gotta love how kids' minds work. Nothing else to report. Busy week ahead of me, a truck load of marking to do and organising for Term 2 to get started on while I am on LSL.
Hope to catch you later in the week or over the weekend.
Me xoxo

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How they love the rain

Yep we definitely do. While I know we have been a lot more fortunate when it comes to rain than others, I am definitely soooooooooo happy with the rain which has fallen this week. It is just what the cotton crop needed to finish it off to its potential - really must get up the paddock and take some pics of it.
Thought we might have been cut off town for a while there but the rain has stopped for now, easing off the amout of run-off going into one of the gullies I have to cross to get into town. LOL did contemplate that it wouldn't be too bad to be cut off from town - would have meant a day scrapping hehehe. And of course, with all of the rain we have had, the farm has been inundated with run-off.
The boys have been making the most of it every afternoon after we get home from work:

The water is not too deep for the most part, although when I was up taking these photos, it was thigh-deep in parts. Water is still continuing to flow at a steady rate, maintaining a consistent level though, not rising. More rain is predicted closer to the weekend so it will be interesting to see what happens if it does arrive.
Thinking of our farming friends further out west around Roma and Charleville who are totally flood-bound. Hope the water subsides reasonably quickly for you all. For the farmers further down stream, hope the waters fill your dams and replenishes your feed supplies.
I can feel some scrapping coming on with these pics, bring on the weekend. Might have to force myself to do some marking and reward myself with some scrapping.
Til then,
Me xoxoxox