Monday, October 6, 2008

49 more days left of school for 2008 ... not that i am counting

Term 4 started today and I hit the ground running. I cannot believe that here in Queensland there are just 49 school days left for the year - well if you are not in a remote area anyway; they have 42 days left. Of course the Year 12's, 11's and 10's all finish earlier than that but the thought of just how few lessons I have left with some of these classes is scaring me considering how much more work we have to cover.

Where has the year gone??? It only feels like last week I was greeting a new group of Year 11 students and introducing them to my absolute passion (apart from scrapping and chatting of course) - Modern History.

We had some sad news in our school community with one of our former students dying in a car accident - only 19 years old. It is sad when anyone dies, even more so when they are young. To me, it doesn't matter what this person did or didn't do and whether he was in the wrong or not, it is a life that has been extinguished well before its time.

I had a great weekend. Some friends came over for a bit of a chat and scrap session, and, true to form, I did more chatting than scrapping. I managed to start a LO towards the end of the night and finished it yesterday. Now all I need is an extra special beastie or two to teach me how to post pics of them on here ... not to mention make this place look more appealing - hehehehe how many more hints do you need.

Anyway the hungry grubs must be biting at the little ones judging by the noise in the background.

catch you later

me xoxo


rih2002 said...

oh hun im soooo sorry to hear about your former student. it really is such a tragedy!!!

as for prettying up the blog, just remind me when ur on msn next and we will get to work on it!

49 days left eh, yeeehaaaaa!!!! bring on christmas, bring on beastie time, bring on no school runs, and did i mention beastie time!lol but yeah where oh bloody where has the year gone too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????

Sarah said...

you crack me up

beastie time??? most definately, it is at the top of my list - everything else pales in significance lol