Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pure Bliss ...

... well it is to me after a full day on my feet. I have to admit that I don't find feet particularly flattering - not just my feet but feet in general - but OMG I give pretty darn good foot massages, even if i do say so myself.

Is there anything better than giving the old tootsies a gentle exfoliation (or as my husband so kindly - not - puts it, getting horse rasp out) and then smothering on Vitamin E cream or huge dallops of Vaseline moisturiser, rubbing it in, smothering more on cream and then grabbing a pair of cotton (it is got to be cotton) socks, putting them on and just leave them on.

Two words - PURE BLISS.

Trust me, try it. Highly recommend the Dr Scholl's footfile - best one i have used and trust me, i have roadtested a stack over the years hehehehe

what a pathetic post - i really must think of better things to talk about :o :o :(

til next time

me xoxoxo


s4j said...

Well this is a comment for the whole blog so far...haha...Woo Hoo my dear....I promise I won't say 'about time' oooops did I just say that...haha....we'll mave to do a msn step by step to teach you to 'perty' it up...give me a few days...LOL....welcome to the world of blogging....and a whole new teminology....Blog Hopping - verb, to travel through blogs ....LOL
catch you soon...mwah!!

Jo Bayliss said...

Hey there beastie!!! Yay I can stalk you via your blog now! ;)

I made a blog about a hundred years ago and have not added a single post to it!! lol Maybe I should get my act together too!

Hey btw, I work for the company that distributes scholl products in australia...I can send you up whatever foot care stuff you need! We get tons of damaged packaging etc sent back to the office. We also distribute eulactol, you know the heel balm and moisturisers...will send you some of that too, good stuff! And just in case you're interested, we do durex too, so if you are in need of any "sexual health" products, let me know!! lol

Love ya and miss ya hun....mwah xx