Thursday, October 16, 2008

People crack me up

Now here i was thinking that my life was sad to spend and entire blog post talking about my nocturnal habits regarding the massaging of my feet but OMG OMG OMG jo, you just crack me up.

Seriously though I am totally jealous that you have direct access to all that stuff - my feet would be in heaven if i worked with you.

As for the 'rubber' products - don't want to give the man of the house any ideas - like he needs any more encouragement, c'mon he is a man after all (insert rolling eyes here lol) but with summer coming up, i guess they could make good water bombs

off to laugh some more


love ya me xoxox

1 comment:

Jo Bayliss said...

Hehehe glad I could amuse you for a while!! See, people do want to read about your life...even when you are talking about your feet!

I agree, men do not need any encouragement or I will not be sending you any "water bombs"!!