Sunday, October 26, 2008

Snake Season is well and truly here

I know I have already posted today but .......

It is official, Snake Season is here.

Well it has been here for a few weeks now but I know it is snake season when you have a snake in close range to the house. I have seen plenty of dead ones on the road and have been responsible for there being some dead ones on the road but today when DH was mowing he said he saw the biggest King Brown - the tail was several inches thick. He must have been having a good feed somewhere to be that fat so soon after hibernation.

I don't like snakes - to me the only good snake is a dead one. I know that a comment like this could and probably will get me into a lot of trouble but I don't care - I still don't like them.

So snakes, if you are reading this, don't come near my place anytime soon if you want to live.

heheheheheheheheheh i crack myself up sometimes lol

Bye again

me xoxox


Jo Bayliss said...

Hehehe I love that you crack yourself up! You're a funny bunny miss sarah :)

Ooooh nasty old snakes, I would be too nervous to go outside at your place I think! And I don't have a problem with your comment about dead snakes, I feel the same, especially when you have kids that want to play outside and you have to protect them....scary stuff....


s4j said...

I have no intention getting too close to snakes...Ive been told they feel similar to a glo-mesh purse...when I get the urge to pat a snake I'll did out my purse....eeeeeekkkk.....glad they don't like the cold as much Miss....must be why I visit in cold weather...LOL