Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I have been ratted out

Well it is official, someone told the world that i am in blog land so it looks like i will have to keep updating this or i might get in trouble so thanks to you beastie ... maybe hehehehe but i will still love you anyways.

hoping to sit down on the weekend and purty it up a bit ... but don't hold your breath waiting lol

had a great day today - totally love my work (well 95% of the time) - i cannot imagine being anything other than a high school teacher. days like today are more than rewarding - all of my classes were great and myself and 3 of the senior leaders for 2009 visited one of our feeder schools - was about 30kms from town so we talked a lot and i really got to know these guys more which is always a great thing. it blows my mind to think that i am playing a role - all be it a small one - in shaping the way these people live their lives. i have been blessed to have had some really great classes over the years and even more lucky that no matter where i am or who they are with, most of my former students will stop and tell me about what they are up to - how cool is that - lol i must have done something right somewhere.

finished off the day with a swim in the pool with the boys - well one of the boys - ds2 very reluctant to join us which is unusual becuase normally he is the one screaming to 'be the leader and jump in first' - kids eh, can never figure them out. must say i am totally loving the whole having a pool thing - we are very lucky that we get a house supplied to us as part of DH's job (farm manager) and for this job we acutally get the main residence on the farm (very unusal as workers normally only get the workman's house) but seeing as the owners actually live somewhere else, we score the main house. once i figure out the whole posting pics thing, i promise i will post some pics of the new place.

anyway, enough rambling today.

for those of you who visit - why??? lol just kidding, seriously thanks. i think i know who you are and i can tell you that you mean more to me than anything, love my beasties and would be lost without you.

have a great day tomorrow - only 46 more teaching days for the year!!


me xoxo

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