Monday, December 22, 2008

All things Heidi

OMG OMG OMG talk about awesome. Despite the sadness of the week, going to Create 08 to see Heidi Swapp was definately the highlight of my year.

So, after much nagging from two lovely ladies, I have finally got around to editing some of the pics from the day. But, before I do that, have I told you how fantastic, how awesome, how unbelieveable the day was??? hehehehe just had to tease ... coz I can. Seriously though, I could sit and listen to Heidi Swapp for days on end - she just has this presence about her - so real and so natural - to be honest, totally different to what I expected. I had this feeling that being so 'famous' in the scrap world that she might be a bit aloof and standoffish but OMG she is totally the opposite. She just rolled with the punches and was like - well human lol. She is so genuine, you can tell that all she was saying came straight from the heart and that her emotions and tears were genuine too - trust me, not even the greatest actor or actress from Hollywood could fake that kind of raw emotion - truly inspirational.

Of course the day sped by too fast and it was over too soon and we didn't get any of the projects finsihed but hey, who cares, I got to see Heidi lol.

The mess that was Create 08

We got so much great stuff - a little silver enviro bag full of all the materials we needed to make ouor two projects plus a little Heidi Swapp make-up bag full of other treats that were ours to keep. Even the water bottles were Create 08 personalised lol. Talk about surreal but OMG so amazing (lol have I said that already?). Words cannot really encompass what the day was so maybe I should just let the pics speak for themselves:
Seriously, what more can a girl ask for - personalised water bottles and Diet Coke - well for me Coke Zero would have been better but for Heidi, I won't complain lol.
One of our projects for the day: A mirror album just for ourselves called 'To Your Heart be True'. It will look totally gorgeous when it is finished - this was a sneak peak that Heidi gave us but check out the link here for the finished product:

A crappy pic but a pic with Heidi none-the-less (man i need to go on a diet :O]

I think that is it for the Heidi wrap - will post pics of my projects when I finally get them completed - might need some gentle nudging to get them finished lol.
Me xoxo


s4j said...

Next time I'm coming too...LOL...

s4j said...

Wahhh the link isn't working....too many http:// bits but still didn't work when I took them out