Sunday, December 7, 2008

Terrible mother that I am

LOL so i just read through the last post and yes while I know that it was Mitchell's birthday, I realised that his little bro didn't even get a look in or a mention. So this is a pic of him taken some time last week - have no idea what day now - they have all merged into one lol:

Anyways while I am here I have TWO jobs that you ALL have to do for me:
1. Check out this girl's stuff - some of the most awesome scrapping I have ever seen:
2. Check out what this awesome mum has created for her kids teacher's - hmmmmmmmmm wonder if she wants to move so I can teach them little kiddliewinks hehe:
OK so that is your homework for tonight - go check out the awesome-ness (gee i speaking da great english tonight ain't i hehehehe). But in all seriousness, these two girls have been the BESTEST friends a girl could have asked for this year. They have been there beside me (well via the computer anyways lol) through all the crap parts of the year and more often than not, it has been the support of these two girls that has got me through another long night to see the light of another day. If only I could repay them but there isn't enough money in the world to give what I owe these girls. Thanks ladies, you mean more to me than words can ever say.
Love ya
me mwah mwah mwah xoxoxoxo

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s4j said...

Ohhhhhhh you've given me Goose Bumps my Dear....I 2nd all that you have said from this end of you two Beasties.....Couldn't get through a week without our chats....mwah mwah...Arrrgggghhhhh I still have ya!!!!