Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Look

So what do you think of the new banner??? The amazing, gorgeous and super talented Beck (check side for link to her AbFab blog) did a little Photoshopping for me and this is what she came up with - how clever is she???
Not a great deal has been happening over the last few days - still trying to wind down from the Melbourne trip to visit Miss Rebecca and the whole birthday thing. I spoilt myself rotten this birthday and when I say I, I mean I - all pressies bought and paid for out of my own savings - some might think doing that is a bit ripped but to be honest, for someone who has never been able to save money herself and not get others to 'hide' it from her (lol), I am super proud of my saving efforts. So what exactly did I spoil myself with??? Well the BIG ticket item was a new camera lens - 70-300mm zoom like this:
and I hit the Prouds sale in Sale (hehehehehehehe) and picked up a White Gold chain to go with the WG and diamond pendant DH gave me for Christmas. Of course, add in a stack of scrapping bibs and bobs and one very spoilt birthday girl you have got lol.

So I finally pulled the new lens out for a play yesterday for a little play. Must say it feels different to my other lens (18-85mm) and it is going to take some getting used to in terms of juding distance etc but at least it is out of the box and has been played with - you proud of me Miss Rebecca???!!!

The pics are nothing special, just a few random pics from around the house - must say am totally loving where we are living now - yeah have to eat my words I know considering how much I used to go on about finally living in our own place instead of workers houses (which come supplied with DH's job and for some reason just never have any work done to them :( ) - even though I do miss my fabulous kitchen - but for all this space and a pool, I won't complain.

Looking out across the front yard into part of the farm - bit hard to fit

6500 acres in one picture lol

One of the boys fav. hangouts - the cubby house -

a never ending source of mischief

Just a random picture of the house - well part of it anyway -
didn't get far enough away to fit the whole thing in the frame lol.
More pics to come, but that will have to wait until tomorrow, this blogger is tired.
Check ya later 'gaitors hehehehehe
me xoxoxo

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