Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If Only ...

If only this was rain and mist instead of dust:
:-( Looks like all of Tony's planting over the last week or so has been for nothing - the rain that was predicted never eventuated and the hot weather and drying winds took away all of the moisture in the soil that made it all seem so promising just two weeks ago :-( :-( The joys of farming; something I am sure all you farmer's wives out there fully know and understand - all tips for cheering up gratefully appreciated ... well apart from 'that' lol.
I mentioned in my previous post that someone had to have 7 stitches. Guess who it was???
Apparently this is what happens when you forget to move your head lol. Lachie was playing in the bedroom and pulled my IPod dock off the shelf. He came into me in the office very calmly holding one hand over his eye and the other under his chin to collect all the blood (which there was HEAPS of) and said, 'Mummy I forgot to move my head'. No tears, no screaming, just calmness - wonder if that is a sign of things to come later in life - like he is preparing me for all the injuries he is going to sustain considering how rough and ready he is lol. He was such a brave little boy - he had to wait a fair while at the hospital to see a doctor and despite all the pain, poking and prodding he didn't cry once.
Now as promised last night - scrapping to share. Been having a ball with H-er out here to inspire and encourage me to do all of these:
LOL not bad to get this much done considering how much fiddle-farting is going on in this room. Me thinks I need to surf the net less, talk less, procrastinate less and I might actually manage to scrap more hehehe.
I found this LO sitting under a pile of stuff and realised I hadn't shared it yet so thought I would do it now:
Ok I think that it is for the scrap share for now. Just took another pic of the dust storm. This is how much it has come in over the last half hour while I have been working on this post, making phone calls and doing other stuff:
Unbelievable. Not looking forward to cleaning up after this. I have got pretty much all of the house closed up but the dust is so fine that it is still coming in. Anyone know a good cleaning lady???
Ciao for now
Me xoxoxox

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Anonymous said...

Poor little bugger! There is lots of blood with head wounds, huh? When my DS cut his forehead, it looked so bad but it was the tiniest little split! Kids!!!

Gorgeous layouts, Sarah, they really are!