Wednesday, March 3, 2010

How they love the rain

Yep we definitely do. While I know we have been a lot more fortunate when it comes to rain than others, I am definitely soooooooooo happy with the rain which has fallen this week. It is just what the cotton crop needed to finish it off to its potential - really must get up the paddock and take some pics of it.
Thought we might have been cut off town for a while there but the rain has stopped for now, easing off the amout of run-off going into one of the gullies I have to cross to get into town. LOL did contemplate that it wouldn't be too bad to be cut off from town - would have meant a day scrapping hehehe. And of course, with all of the rain we have had, the farm has been inundated with run-off.
The boys have been making the most of it every afternoon after we get home from work:

The water is not too deep for the most part, although when I was up taking these photos, it was thigh-deep in parts. Water is still continuing to flow at a steady rate, maintaining a consistent level though, not rising. More rain is predicted closer to the weekend so it will be interesting to see what happens if it does arrive.
Thinking of our farming friends further out west around Roma and Charleville who are totally flood-bound. Hope the water subsides reasonably quickly for you all. For the farmers further down stream, hope the waters fill your dams and replenishes your feed supplies.
I can feel some scrapping coming on with these pics, bring on the weekend. Might have to force myself to do some marking and reward myself with some scrapping.
Til then,
Me xoxoxox

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