Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hospital Again

It is that time again - time for the first lot of Mitchell's plaster casts to be removed from his legs so that a second lot can be put on. The first series of casts has been moderately successful, although he has managed to work out that he can wriggle his toes right down so he can curl them over the bottom of the cast to walk up on his tippy toes - the exact thing we are trying to correct. I spoke to the doctor prior to Mitch going into the operating theatre and he is going to make the next series of plasters longer over the toe area of the foot. Here are some pics of my little man in the pre-op area. The nurses were very impressed by his demands to have pictures taken for showntell at school.

Yay, the stinky casts are going!!!!!On the scrapping front, things have been quite since Beck has gone home (insert lots of cries here). Have only managed two layouts in the week since she left, mind you I did go back to work for the week last week and again yesterday (I know, I know what sort of fool goes back to work when they are on long service leave for crying out loud). This is what I managed to create:

1. Some misting goodness, have to say that I am not 100% on the misting train just yet but figure that I need to at least attempt to use some of the goodies from Mistified with Heidi.

2. A bit of an experiment with an extra big photo. Have never scrapped and 8 x 12 pic before (well it was 8 x 12 before one of the edges was folded up at the photo processors). It is very plain and simple and still not 100% sure about the bottom left hand corner but not sure what else to add to it - wanted to keep it minimalist as possible. Just love love love the pic - I snapped it just as Lachie was lining up for his Cross Country a few weeks ago.
Not a lot else to report at the moment, just waiting for Mitch to come out of theatre. Thank goodness for internet access in hospitals to keep worried mothers (and fathers) less worried - if that is at all possible when your kids are in hospital.
Until next time,
Sarah xoxo

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