Saturday, July 24, 2010


Flu-ey, watery eyes, stuffy head, runny nose.

Yep that is me at the moment Head is stuffed fuller than a cuddly teddy bear. Two weeks back at work and look at what happens - I get sick :-(

Oh well, tomorrow will be a better day, I just have to keep soldiering on.

Nothing to share, nothing to show - unless you count bags of used tissues as worthwhile show'n'tell'. Hmmmmmmmm I think not.

Back to bed for me. Thank goodness it is the weekend. Could not have faced work feeling like I do today, yesterday was bad enough.
Til next time
Me xoxo

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s4j said...

Now that new modem/router is installed I can open blogs, since upgrading my GB plan I would drop out trying to open any blog. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO now I can read all the latest gossip and goings on and know you are still breathing.....
Love to you and big squishy hugs. Feel better sooon..