Sunday, October 10, 2010

What's doing???

Apart from work, swimming club, swimming lessons for Lachie and mini squad for Mitch, Tony spending hours upon hours in the tractor planting only to have the prospect of losing some of it after having rivers of rain - nothing much.
Don't get me wrong, rain is GREAT but with the amount of water lying in the paddocks at the moment, most of the seeds will rot before they get the chance to grow. But that is farming - it is all the luck of the draw and we just need to move forward now and get onto the next task; waiting for the water to drain away and the ground to dry out so cotton planting can begin.
School is back in for the final term - 1 week down; 9 to go. My Year 12's are in total countdown mode. It is very scary to know that I am now down to 10 lessons with them before their final exam. I just hope that the excitement of finishing off their school studies, coupled with formals, valedictory and (for most of them) 'schoolies' week doesn't make them lose too much focus. I feel slightly more settled after the first week of Term 4 compared to Term 3. I love my job and I love teaching SO much but man I HATE HATE HATE the politics and crap that goes on behind the scene. I know you get that in any job and I have to just deal with it but I get so frustrated because our primary concern should ALWAYS be the students but bureaucrats being the type of people they are, make it so dang hard. I really want to say to some of them - get out of your plush little office and get back into the thick of things in the classroom so you can see that a lot of the decision you make are so irrelevant and pointless. LOL how do you think that will go down??? hehehehehe
Scrapping has taken a back seat for the last week or so. Disappointed and annoyed with myself for not doing more during the holidays but thems the breaks. I only managed a paltry 3 single LO's and this double (which by the way, I am not sure I like):
Anyway I feel William Shakespeare and Martin Luther King calling me so I had best get back to planning work for the upcoming week.
Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by.
S xoxoxo


Tracy said...

What don't you like about it? I think it is perfect.

Marcie said...

What a gorgeous two pager! I always struggle with these, but yours is wonderful!

Unknown said...

Oh wow! This is fabulous! The background, the movement in the pictures! Fabulous!

Steph said...

Cute layouts. Great way to include all those cute action shots.

Melissa said...

Great Layout!

*Monica B* said...

Cool layout! Love the bold misting!