Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Too Cute and a fresh start

This month wraps up a big month of scrapping for me. I completed 15 layouts - not bad for someone who works full time as an English and History teacher (insert LOTS of marking here). I think part of the reason why I managed to do as much scrapping as I have is the fact that this year I am forcing myself to take timeout from schoolwork and put 'me time' first. I have been more motivated to get in and get marking done as soon as it comes across my desk. At our school, we have a two-week turn around policy meaning that assessment results need to be given to students within two weeks of the task being completed. So far this year I have made a point of working like a fiend for three or four nights after getting assessment handed in to get the marking out of the way so I can play. Looks like it is working so far! The latest layout I have created was for the 123 Challenge at Scrapbook Savvy. Check out the link for details.

The other thing which I think has made an impact on my scrapping is the fact that I have moved scrapbook areas. My old space was at the other end of our house in a small room attached to our bedroom. It was very isolating out there and while I loved being able to shut myself away sometimes, I was also aware that I was not spending as much time with the family as I probably should have. Solution??? I moved out into the main area of the house into what I guess you could call the formal dining room - not that we have ever used it as a dining room lol. In an ideal world, I would love a small half wall to separate the formal dining and lounge rooms. Unfortunately the house doesn't belong to us. I have plans to get a sideboard or something similar to create a mini wall one day but organisation was at the top of my list. My first step was a wall unit. My preferred option would have been the IKEA Expedit but with the nearest IKEA 3 1/2 hrs away, that was not going to happen any time soon. SuperAmart provided my solution and I am loving it. Still have not moved a lot of 'stuff' out but I am getting started. The best thing about this unit is that the Cropper Hopper 12x12 paper holders fit into the cubes - unlike my much beloved Expedit unit. So this is Step One of my scraproom makeover:I have got another bookcase to assemble but that will have to wait for the weekend. Maybe I will come back then with more pictures or even more scrapping showntell. LOL Enjoy your Thursday, hope it is a good one.

S. xoxoxo


Tammy said...

Cool shelves! Setting up a crafting space that works for you goes a long way to helping you be productive! Congrats on 15 layouts this month. That's awesome.


Hello, I'm Vicki said...

ooh i love that blue doilie on your layout - and well done on the 15 layouts - that's great xxx

ScrappnBee said...

Love the layout!Your little one is SO cute! Glad that you gound a storage solution better than an expedit! I too performed a hostile takeover of the dining room, but I have never been able to do 15 layouts in a month! You rock!!!

Tracy said...

Your layout is beautiful. Wonderful photos.
I agree its nice to be alone when creating, but then again I always stop to check on the family. I would probably get more done if I was in the family room.

Arlene said...

Love your layout! Also, love your new's amazing how productive we can be when things are in order! I am a new follower, would love for you to visit my blog.