Monday, July 18, 2011

Holy TOOT TOOT Batman

I have been sitting on this post for close to 2 weeks now but I think I can finally share it with you even a lot of you Aussie visitors may know this already.
What do you think this is?
OK so if you guessed magazine cover you are 100% correct but it is who is on the cover that is more important this time around.
Yep, they're my babies on that cover and yes it is one of my layouts on the cover of Australia's biggest selling scrapbooking magazine.
And yes, I am still pinching myself.
Not other scrapping to share - my well of mojo has all dried up :-(
Maybe next time I post, it will be with fresh material.
Enjoy your week.
Cheers, S xoxoxox


Tammy said...

That's very exciting! Congrats! Awesome cover. :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. How exciting for you!

byondbzr said...

Congratulations, great page and honor!

Staci said...

Wow!! Congratulations!! Your boys must be so excited! :-)

Krissy Christie said...

woohooooo! So excited to see your fabulous work on the cover chickie!! This was an exciting issue for me too being published twice in it :D Happy dance happy dance!

Krissy xx

P.S if you find your mojo can you ask if she has seen mine on her travels please? lol

s4j said...

had to make sure I got my copy just so I can say "That's my Beasties LO"....xx