Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Out of Hospital

Mitchell has had the first of two bilateral short leg plaster procedures. It all went really well and according to Mitch it was 'the most exciting day of his life!', which of course the doctors and nurses found very amusing. We are in Warwick for a few days with my parents just until he becomes more confident with walking in his plaster, although that is not much of a problem considering he was trying to run up the corridor in the hospital this morning. I didn't take the camera in with us but I intend to with his second procedure.
Some good news from SM with them wanting a closer look at the 'Strike a {POSE}' layout. Exciting to get picked up again, although was hoping that the acceptance might have been for the Ponder layout as I love it lots.
Obviously no scrapping over the last few days and I didn't bring any of my stash with me.
Anyway, that is it for now. Might try and take some pictures of the boy tomorrow to show the casts.
Until then,
Me xoxoxo

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