Friday, April 23, 2010

The wonderful world of ...

Double Plaster or to be medically precise 'bilateral short leg plasters'.
The biggest challenge over the past three days hasn't been the plaster and the possibility of pain; it has been trying to tell an extremely active 7 year old that they have to sit and take things easy. Only so many times you can build a LEGO plane or truck or even the LEGO creators that give you three different things to make.
We hit a bit of a wall with the resting and elevation today so I bundled the boys into the car with my mum and went down to the shopping centre. 50 cents allowed me to 'hire' a wheelchair - thanks mum for the idea, made life so much easier and two hours later even the plastered one aka Mitchell (lol plastered in the medical way, not the alcohol way hehe) had to admit that he was tired and wouldn't mind having a rest - miracles do happen sometimes.

One very cranky little boy, no doubt a shocking case of cabin-fever lol.

This evening was spent with legs elevated. Took some bribery - watching some DVD's and getting to watch the first half of the football with Poppy tonight. He is in bed now so hopefully he won't have too bad a night sleep and will no doubt be ready and rareing to get mobile as soon as he wakes.

A smile from one boy (because the Bulldogs are in front lol) and a stern expression for the other (Broncos trailing; much to Mitchell and Poppy's disappointment).
No other news to report. Still staying with my parents, so no scrapping - hope to be heading home tomorrow or Sunday.
Enjoy your long weekend everyone.
Me xoxoxo

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