Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Enjoying the last of the heat

Don't you just love those final days of summer (even though autumn has already started) when it is still hot enough to do things like swim and jump in the pool???
I know it is now Tuesday night but I just had to post these pics I took of the boys on Sunday afternoon. They just love love love swimming in the pool - mind you, so do I. I have always wanted a pool and while this one might not be the pool of my choice, it is better than nothing.

How cute are these two boys - lol and nope I am not biased am I? hehehehe

We won't get too many more afternoons like this so we have to remember to enjoy it while it lasts.
Hope everyone and everything in your world is going ok at the moment. I haven't got any scrapping to show - aim to get some done later in the week if I ever get on top of this pile of marking. How long until holidays??? lol
Okes everyone, have a great evening, take care.
Until next time
mwah mwah
me xoxox

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