Thursday, June 3, 2010

She Inspires Me

Yes she most certainly does and yes mum, I know she is the cat's mother (how many times did you tell me this as a child) but she does. Who you ask? Well Heidi of course lol. As if that was hard to guess, we all know I am a Heidi tragic from way back and if you didn't realise it, scroll down a few posts and read all about it hehehehe.
I was hunting around for some inspiration last night and found a LO on 2peas that someone had created and loved the design of it. As soon as I saw the LO, I knew that I just HAD to use a pic of Heidi and I from Misitified last month. I will say this, I hate getting my photo taken, especially now with the buzz cut (I participated in Shave for a Cure as a dare put on me by the kids at school), but could not miss out on a photo opportunity with my scrap idol. It must have been providence because her webcast today was exactly what I journalled about on the LO last night - all the reasons why she inspires me. Awesome goes no where near to describing how great she is.
Journalling reads: She inspires me with her creativity. She inspires me with her willingness to speak so openly about her life. She inspires me with her passion to live, laugh, love and even cry. She inspires me to step outside my comfort zone when scrapbooking. She inspires me to handwrite on my layouts (even though my writing is rubbish compared to hers!). She inspires me because she is Heidi Swapp.
So there is it, those are the reasons why I am a complete Heidi tragic but you know what, I am proud to be tragic, even if it does place me in the scary stalker category. LOL just kidding.
Have loads more show and tell but SHE deserves a post all of her own.
Til next time,
Me xoxoxoxo

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