Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Confession ...

I will be honest with you - I scraplift. Sometimes it is just the basic design, sometimes it is the papers or the embellishments, sometimes it is everything. I know that some people will look down on me for this and there are two very definite schools of thought (as in yeah, sure it is fine VS it is wrong) in the scrapping world about 'lifting'. Me, I am in the school of 'if it works for you and you give credit where credit is due, then just do it'.
Some days when I get home from work my brain is totally fried. These are also the days that, no matter what I do, I cannot wind down and relax. The result of this is very little, if any sleep. My solution to this is to scrap. On days that have been particularly trying, I find 'scraplifting' an easy way of helping me wind down. The past two weeks have been frantic with a mountain of exams to mark and report cards to write so I have definitely been in need of some relaxation therapy. After finding this layout on the blog of MercyTiara - one of my favourite scrappers (who just happens to do awesome process videos too), I knew that something like this would have to make its way to my album.
So this is one of those 'lift the whole thing' layouts. I loved the simplicity of Tracy's design and wanted to recreate the same effect with this photo of Mitchell. I added a few extra embellishments, including a first for me - bits of cotton thread scattered around the layout.
And some closeups: 
 Love the randomness of the cotton thread - will be trying that again one day soon.
So that's it - another one of my deep, dark secrets revealed. Tracy, you will probably never read this but I just want to say thanks for inspiring me.
Take care
S xoxo