Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Reason I Scrapbook

One day while I was marking some assignments, the boys came into my office/scrap area and pulled some of the albums off the shelf. They spent almost an hour going through the albums, laughing at the pictures and asking each other if they remember where they were and what they were doing. I stopped marking long enough to grab a few photos and that was my inspiration to come up with this:
And some closeups. I hid some journalling on the manilla shipping tags. I had quite a bit I wanted to say but knew that it would throw out the feel of the layout as I wanted the photos to speak for themselves. 
This is what my journalling said:
'I am not always comfortable telling people that I scrapbook, Over the years I have been told that it is pointless, a waste of money and the typical 'what's so special about gluing photos onto colour paper?' I used to try and justify it, but I eventually gave up. To be honest with you, I scrapbook for me. It is my time to sit and forget about work, deadlines, life and everything in between. I won't deny it - yes it is great when a layout is accepted for publication. And yes, I am chuffed when a layout wins a prize in a cybercrop or for a monthly challenge. But these things come and go. What matters most is that this is something I love and something I can leave for the boys later in life. I love it when Mitch and Lachie drag the albums off the shelves and flip through them. They laugh at the photos and share stories of how they remember different events. Once in a while, they even say thank you. Times like these are the reminder of the real reason why I scrapbook.'
So tell me, why do you scrapbook?
S xoxo

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