Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chilling with Goatie

Long story short, the boys call their grandmother (my mum) Nanny Goat or Goatie for short. Mitchell is especially close to Nanny Goat and they share a very special bond. He was recently selected in the local soccer team to represent the district at the Darling Downs Trials. The trials were held in Stanthorpe, about 30 minutes away from Mum and Dad's place so there was never any doubt that Nanny would come along for the ride. It was a freezing cold day but Mitch had a blast even though he wasn't selected. I snapped this photo of Mitch and Nanny at the end of the day - he was pretty tired and busted by this stage. I am so proud of him for getting out there and giving things a go.
And close-up. Cannot believe that he is almost as tall as his Nanny. It won't be long before he will be taller than her I am sure. 
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