Friday, April 10, 2015

An Almost Perfect Weekend

Have you ever planned something months in advance only to have it come undone? Early in 2014 my sister and I decided to surprise our mother with tickets to see the stage production of 'The Lion King' in January. April comes and we surprised mum and spent the remainder of the year planning a 'girls only weekend' in Brisbane. We have never done that - just the three of us heading away - so we were all looking forward to it.
Unfortunately, the last five or six months have not been the best health-wise for my brother-in-law and he ended up in hospital the day before our big adventure was due to begin. After much discussion, my sister pleaded with Mum and I to continue on with our plans. We headed to Brisbane and had a great time, even though it didn't feel the same without my sister with us.
The show was amazing and spending time with Mum is always great ... the only thing missing was my sister, making it an almost perfect weekend.

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