Saturday, September 25, 2010

Boys live here ........

While I am more than aware of this fact (how could I not be with all the noise, trucks, tractors and pieces of lego), I have never taken photos to document just how much 'blue' I have in my life. Here are a few random pics from around the house and farm today:

Monster trucks, graders and tractors and a patch of dirt - what more do little farm boys need?
Every little boy needs a Thomas (or 4) in their life, plus all of his friends.
Isn't it amazing what can be created with coloured pieces of plastic and little people? Gotta love the imaginations of kids.
Just some of the gang - lots more around but they were busy being played with and weren't available for an impromptu photoshoot lol.
Not a lot else to report. Have scrapped another layout but not happy with it. Still deciding on what else it needs to make it even remotely passable. Maybe these photos will inspire me.
Til next time
S xoxoxo

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Michele said...

That looks so familiar! only difference? My legos are usually all Star Wars related!