Saturday, September 18, 2010

Holidays are here

School holidays are here and how did I spend the first day of Spring break? Buried in a pile of marking. The last week of school was filled with lots of action as the various subject areas prepared their Year 12 submissions to review at District Panel. As always, it was my job to prepare the Modern History submission. It is a huge job and, like usual, all of the other work got pushed to the side so I could concentrate on that. Of course, doing that means that it piled up, waiting patiently for me to turn my attention to it (yeah right - I make marking sound so enjoyable but it really isn't lol). I started last night and gave up around midnight but I am pleased to say that all I have concentrated on today (in between doing six loads of washing) is this pile of goodness:
There is a silver lining to all this pile of white paper. It is DONE, FINISHED, COMPLETED!!! Talk about doing a happy dance. It is such a huge relief to have it out of the way. I was going to make myself do an hour each day across the first week of the holidays but I forced myself to sit down and get it out of the way today. Very pleased with myself because now I can concentrate on better things for the rest of the holidays, like SCRAPPING!!! (I can dream and hope can't I hehe)
In other news, we have some welcome (well everyone else except me says welcome) additions to the family. I went scrapping with the girls a few weeks ago and was woken up early by the excited squeals of two little boys telling me about new chooks. Mummy was not a happy camper to say the least. First there was the issue with being woken up - I am much better if I am allowed to wake up in my own time. Next was the realisation that there were four chooks in the hen house. I have to admit (and you will probably hate me for this) that I am not a chook lover. I love eggs but given that I am the only one in the house who eats eggs on a regular basis, I thought it was kind of pointless getting chooks. Sadly, I was over-ruled on this one. Here they are and according to Lachie, they are Shay, Mahayla, Bee-Bee and Daisy. Not sure where some of the names came from but I know two are named after some of the girls in his class (I told him to keep that little gem to himself lol):
The next bit of excitement was Tony's decision to get himself another dog. To be honest, I am more of a cat person than a dog person but Tony is the exact opposite - he loves dogs, especially working dogs like Kelpies and Border Collies. Needless to say, my protests were not listened to and this is the result, little Toby:
Yeah I know he is cute and everything but at the end of the day it is a dog. I guess he will grow on me soon enough.
Nothing else to report. My brain is fried after all the reading. Was thinking about tackling some scrapping but I think I might just go sleep instead.
Hope the start of the holidays have been more exciting for the rest of you.
Me xoxoxox

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