Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh My!!!

Right now I am in a state of shock and awe (no, I am not pretending to be George W Bush and his invasion of Iraq/Afghanistan or where ever it was).
A week or so ago I was reading one one of my daily reads - Kathie Link's blog. I love how Kathie adds hand-written journalling to almost every single one of her fabulous layouts. She had a post about journalling and asked people to share theirs, so I did and was selected as one of her 'story tellers' - guess that is what she is intending. Check it out here. I have to say that I am truly astounded to be selected with this fine group of scappers - most of them 'names' from the Australian scrapbooking industry. Have to admit that I am more than a little bit chuffed to be considered with the likes of these amazing ladies.
Nothing else to report here at the moment. Life is slowly returning to its normal frenetic pace filled with work, home, work, home, marking, compiling submissions. Only 7 more school days until the holidays and I am making a promise to myself to have ALL of my marking done before Friday of next week so I can sit back and enjoy the holidays.
Til next time.
Me xoxoxo

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