Monday, September 6, 2010

Time Flies ...

... it sure does regardless of whether you are having fun or not.
Life has been running on over-drive for the past few weeks. Some of it has been fun - like scrapping a layout here and there will some of it has sucked completely. No other way of putting it than LIFE SUCKS.
We had sadness in our family last week with the death of my dad's oldest sister. Her passing was more sudden than I had prepared myself for - less than a month from initially being informed of her ill health until her death. While she was 12 years older than my dad (she was the eldest child, dad the youngest), there was still a closeness between them. Death is never easy, regardless of age but knowing that Aunty Marie had lived a full and mostly happy life, it does make dealing with it a bit better. As always, Dad was a rock for us all. Being the youngest doesn't stop him from being everyone's rock. I got to catch up with all of my aunts and uncles on his side of the family and quite a few cousins which was good, despite the sad occasion.
On the home front, life has been hectic. School is starting to wind up for the term but it is the busiest time of year in many respects with most of the major assessment for the Year 12 taking place now. I am beginning to feel as if I am slowly getting on top of things, although I will be glad when the end of term comes at the end of next week.
Not a lot of scrapping has been happening since my last post - a paltry two layouts. Hitting a flat patch with the scrapping again. I really need to get out and take some new pictures of the boys to inspire me. Maybe that can go on the 'to do' list for the holidays. Here's hoping anyway.
I am not totally happy with these layouts but I know I am always a lot harder on myself than everyone else lol. Both layouts are of Mitch, feel like I scrap pics of Lachie all the time so it was good to concentrate on pictures of Mitch.
Not a lot else to report. Spring is finally here and while the days are definitely getting warmer, the nights are still chilly. Bring on summer!!
Until next time
Sarah xoxo


Larajc said...

So sorry about your Aunt! Take care! Love your layouts!

Maggie Lamarre said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt, very kewl lo.

Lida said...

Really sorry about your aunt, family passing is never easy no matter how much you prepara your self. Love both layouts!

Amy said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt!
I chuckled when you said "bring on summer" as we are not ready to give up summer here in CA! It was beautiful here today....and going back to teaching with lots of crazy teens in my class has me missing my summer! Your layouts are great....I love the colors!

Tracy said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt. My father passed away a few weeks ago unexpectedly. Life does suck at times but its the good times that we have to focus on. Hugs to you and your family.

s4j said...

Warm squishy hugs to you and your family. Always here to lend an ear and a shoulder. XXX
Love the LO's of Mitch.
Love ya Miss